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Russell Maynor

What makes a great headshot?

An actor needs a strong headshot that they can feel confident about when they walk into an audition. A headshot that represents you at your best and will connect you immediately to a casting director.

In the Headshot Photo Session the photographer directs the actor to take the emotional lead, projecting forward energy. The "magic" happens and a connection is made with the audience. The same elements that make a authentic moment onscreen make for a great headshot:

"Presence, connection, Intention, forward energy..."

I've studied acting with Sandy Dennis at The Actor's Studio in NYC and  \ Eb Lottimer in Albuquerque.I have worked as a casting agent and have directed theater, feature  films and shorts.
In film, on stage, or in a photography session, the actor relies on the director to help create a moment of connection.
Your role in this process is to be fully present and take my directions. Together we create a sacred space for connection and honest presence that translates into a powerful headshot.

I am passionate about creating stunning images that will make you stand out in this very competitive industry.

With 25 years of experience in photography and acting, I know what works, and I know how to get you there.


How much does a Photo Session with Russell Maynor cost?


(plus NM sales tax)

This includes:

A pre-production consultation. We go over your type, your wardrobe, and your uniqueness as an actor so that we can create a headshot that meets your specific needs. You will get access to helpful tips and guidance to prepare you for your shoot. This consultation can be in person or via Skype.

The Shoot.

I like to do 3-4 variations on looks via wardrobe, hair, makeup changes (women), as well as changes in location and lighting. I have discovered a number of great spaces around the city where great light happens.

I also do beautiful studio lighting. I love both. We'll choose what's right for you.

During the shoot I will act as director and photographer and together we create a moment by moment connection with the camera.

Our session can last from 2-3 hours. I don't plan anything immediately after and I suggest the same for you. Every actor and every session is unique.

I love working with actors, and I get excited about taking great pictures. I will try not to wear you out!

The First Edit

I go through all the images (usually around 300) and  I get rid of any shots where you have a wonky eye or something goofy going on. It happens to everyone, and trust me, nobody needs to see those. Then I narrow it down to the best moments of connection, the most beautiful lighting, and the best angles on your face.

After that initial edit there will be around 70 full resolution images that will be yours to keep.

Yes, I give you ALL of your photos. I know most photographers don't. But I believe that if you paid for them, you should have access to all of them. I also do global adjustments to the exposure for each lighting setup, and create a list of my suggestions for your top images.

The Second Edit

During this edit we will sit down together and use special editing software (which you will get a free copy of) to narrow down your choices to the best of the best. This session is a lot of fun. These will be the best headshots you have ever taken. Guaranteed.

Image Finalization/Retouching

Your two top choices receive further fine-tuning of exposure, contrast, cropping and color and your name will be added to the final image, and finally the images will be re- sized and formatted for optimal printing as an 8x10.

You will also receive web-ready versions of these 2 choices.

I also include retouching on your top two choices.....from stray hairs to in-depth retouching, as needed, it's included.

This final stage of digital work turns your photo into a work of art.

I'm a perfectionist, and your headshot represents me as well as you, so I work with you, making any changes needed to create a powerful image that will get you noticed!

Additional Retouching/ Image Finalization is $50. per image.

Mini-Shoot $250

This is a shorter shoot where we do one look at one location and take about 75 shots and edit them down to about 20. A consultation and editing session is included, you get all the photos , but no post-production.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your new photos, you will  not be charged. This has been my policy for 20 years. You being happy makes me happy. Please contact me directly through Facebook or email at

I look forward to collaborating with you!